Version 0.10.3 released

Highlights of this release are improved demonstration models, better Linux support, better automated tests and the usual assortment of fixes and miscellaneous improvements.

Download this release from the download section.

New features

  • added seed() function to (re)set the pseudo-random generator seed mid-simulation.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • updated demo models:
    • improved the dataset (which is now generated by a LIAM2 model: generate.yml).
    • reorganise the models to group presented features more thematically.
    • added more comments.
    • added example of progressive .csv files via mode=’a’.
  • added installation instructions and generally improve the out of the box experience on Linux. Thanks to Mahdi Ben Jelloul (pull request 181).
  • enabled running the unit tests automatically on each change to the GitHub repository by using Travis-CI (which runs tests on build servers). Thanks to Mahdi Ben Jelloul and Christophe Benz (pull request 182).
  • added an explicit error message when using “empty” processes (ie a “-” without any other text).
  • moved website to its own repository (
  • renamed “src” folder to “liam2” to follow standard practices. Thanks to Mahdi Ben Jelloul (pull request 181).
  • improved error message of assertEqual if the array shapes are different.
  • added explicit test for logit_score.


  • the list of available periods in the console is sorted.
  • fixed time travel in the console at the end of a simulation.
  • fixed writing technical error (traceback) in error.log.
  • fixed the explore command on .h5 files.