Version 0.11 released

Highlights of this release are support for the “sidewalk” alignment method, support for default values for fields and some basic help in the interactive console.

Download this release from the download section.

New features

  • added support for the “sidewalk” method in align_abs() in addition to the existing (and default) “bysorting” method. Thanks to Alexis Eidelman and Mahdi Ben Jelloul (pull request 189).
  • added support for defining a default value for fields. This default value will be assigned to the corresponding fields in new() and if the fields are not present in the initial data (see the fields declaration section for details). Thanks to Alexis Eidelman and Mahdi Ben Jelloul (pull request 190).
  • added “functions” command to the interactive console. It displays the list of available functions.
  • added “help [function]” console command. It displays the signature of the function (ie the list of possible arguments and their default value if any). For random generator functions it also displays a detailed description (from numpy).
  • added a ‘limit’ argument to dump() to limit the number of rows of the output.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • improved the logging message for align with take or leave filters: the take and leave filters are combined with the “normal” filter before computing the take and leave numbers displayed. It does not change the results in any way, only the numbers logged to the console.
  • made the demonstration models use 3d alignment files in some cases instead of separate alignment files for men and women.
  • better error message when a user-defined function is called with the wrong number of arguments.
  • better error message on failed assertEqual if shapes are different.
  • added check for duplicate ids when loading datasets.

Miscellaneous improvements for developers

  • implemented Simulation.from_str to create a simulation object from a string (using Python).


  • fixed various problems with the demonstration models.
  • fixed grouping by a constant.