Version 0.4.1 released

Miscellaneous improvements

  • validate both import and simulation files, i.e. detect bad structure and invalid and missing keywords.
  • improved error messages (both during import and the simulation), by stripping any information that is not useful to the user. For some messages, we only have a line number and column left, this is not ideal but should be better than before. The technical details are written to a file (error.log) instead.
  • improved “incoherent alignment data” error message when loading an alignment file by changing the wording and adding the path of the file with the error.
  • reorganised bundle files so that there is no confusion between directories for Notepad++ and those of liam2.
  • tweaked Notepad++ configuration:
    • added explore command as F7
    • removed more unnecessary features.


  • disallowed using one2many links like many2one (it was never intended this way and produced wrong results).
  • fixed groupby with a scalar expression (it does not make much sense, but it is better to return the result than to fail).
  • re-enabled the code to show the expressions containing errors where possible (in addition to the error message). This was accidentally removed in a previous version.
  • fixed usage to include the ‘explore’ command.